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 Ukrainian Pysanky are eggs that are beautifully decorated using wax and dyes. Traditional designs are drawn on the egg with pencil. Then a special tool is used to apply melted wax on the areas that will be white. The egg is dipped into the next lightest color and again drawn on with melted wax. These steps continue until the egg is finally dipped into black dye. A candle is used to melt the wax from the egg and a protective coat of varnish is applied.

What happens to the yolk inside? Well, some people will blow the yoke out through a small pin hole in the egg shell. Traditional artists will allow the egg yolk to evaporate naturally, with the remaining particles sounding like a rattle when the egg is shaken.

I have discovered that the Pysanky eggs from my Pysanky Egg Factory actually hatch beautifully ornate Pysanky Chicks. 

It is said. that as long as pysanky are being made, they will ward off evil.

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