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Haunted Spooky Halloween

Welcome to the other world, it's a bit macabre and unusual, but it is home to Beauty, the witch, and her lover, Willy Wartlock. Other residents include Doug M. Deep, Gravedigger, Old Wizard (Starry Night), Uncle Morty and everyone's friends, The Skeletons. Keep an eye out for all the creatures, most likely someone's pets. Most are trained to be harmless and happy, like the loveable little Green Monsters. But, beware, some of the plants are carnivorous and need their Midnight Feeding. 

The Dragon Varmits are just one of many different breeds of Varmits that are available as toy pets at Karen's booth (Secret Headquarters Art Studio) during the Apple Hill season. (see Artist At Work for more details)

Creatures of the night are a blast to party with, so enjoy a stroll down along the Ghost Walk and meet them all here in Haunted Spooky Halloween, if you dare!


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